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Credit to someone on tumblr, no i don't have a tumblr... I just stalk other people's.

Bi-yearly obligatory LJ post. Since i only really keep this account so i can read other people's journals/communities and post.

I figure I should mention, i'm a jeweller now. I doubt I'll ever post photos here available to the public, but I may. See how life goes. :D
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Theme change!

I'm sorry old red and black thing I created almost 10 years ago. But your horribly ugly and need to go! So in comes the first decent looking theme i found on the lj list. Because I don't post here anyways, noone reads this and noone will care if i change it. ;D

Also wtf post? :O

It's almost 4am.... sleepy... *blinks*
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My Bi Yearly Post! xD It's a Meme.

Twas snitched from here. I seem to have gotten into the habit of posting in my own journal only twice a year. So i may as well keep it up. xD;;

I mashed a whole bunch of fandoms into the one meme. So yeah, you'll get over it. ;D

I should really update this layout sometime. But i'm too lazy. ;D

Six ships you're into right now

1.  Spock/Kirk
2.  Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape (when am i ever not? xD)
3.  Old!Spock/nu!Kirk
4.  Leon/Count D
5.  Picard/Q
6.  Ronon/Rodney

Three ships you liked, but don't like anymore
7.  John/Rodney
8.  Draco/Harry
9.  Tom Paris/Harry Kim

Three ships you never liked
10.  Ginny/ANYONE
11.  Relena/ANYONE (except Dorothy, that's hot)
12.  Seven of Nine/Chakotay (wtf noooo!!!!)

Two ships you're curious about, but don't actually ship
13.  Uhura/Gaila
14.  Gul Dukat/Anyone (he's my second favourite Trek character, but i've never read a single fic about him)
15. (adds one for herself) Jadzia Dax/Kira

Why do you dislike #11 so much?
Because like any good old school Gundamwing fangirl all the boys are busy slashing eachother and she's a creepy stalker chick with an irritating voice. I would never subject Heero to her awfulness. The only time i can stand her is if she's with Dorothy. (who is awsome)

Who is someone you know that ships #14?
No idea! Someone awsome since Gul Dukat is awsome. 8D

Cardassians are the best Startrek species along side the Q.

What would be your ideal scenario for couple #3?
Ideal.... *thinks* Well Kirk coming out of the meld with just so much love and depth of emotion from Spock that it yanks at all the little abused emotionally needy bits of him and they have confort sex in the cave. They shack up and heal eachothers wounds and live happily ever after! I HATE sappy shit, but that couple is just sooooo cute and angsty and perfect for eachother. <3

Which is your favorite moment for couple #1?
In the original series, it's Kirk asking for a backrub and totally get all hot and moaning Spock's name before he realises it's not spock that's doing it for him but an Ensign. xDDDD

In reboot is the strangling scene. I can totally see lots of angry sex with spock topping. :3 <3

How long have you been following couple #6?
Since... geeze, the one where rodney starts evolving towards asention at an excellorated pace and gives ronon a biiiiig hug. That's so cute, and just cemented the fact that i was attracted to rodney's brain and ronon's body and therefore togeather they can be the best thing since sliced bread. :3

What's the story with #8? What made you stop liking them/caring?
Most of the fanfiction is AWFUL! As in OH MY GOD THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN type awful. Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy by Shade got me into the pairing. But then Shade too down all his fics and "found god", and declared homosexuality evil and all that shit like 3-4 years ago and that totally killed it for me. He was one of my favourite ever authors and then he represses himself and turns into a biggot, trying to conform to social norms. D:

I don't even have a saved copy of any of his work. That makes me so sad, all i have is my memories. </3

You have the power to make one ship non existent. Choose from #10 or #12
Seven of Nine/Chakotay! I mean WTF that makes no sense! Both of those characters had chemistry with just about ever character EXCEPT eachother. And then it's all of a sudden lets wack them togeather! Arrrrrrggggg! The whole end of Voyager made me want to hit something! D: <

Which ship do you prefer #2 or #4?
Ooooohhh so hard. Well Leon/D is cannon, but LM/SS is hot... Well they're both hot. But still. Can't i love them both? D: They're from differant fandoms anyways!

What interests you about #14?
Gul Dukat is sex on legs and should be shipped with everyone and anyone. He is too hot for words. I've had a crush on him since i was 8! I'm not going to change now that i'm 18.

Why did you stop liking #7?
All the fics were pretty much the same. Got too bloody repetative to read... Also John is an arse and completely racist and back-stabbing, he's like Atlantis's Kirk and he's a Douche. Atleast Roney is funny to laugh at. <3

Did your waning interest in #9 kill your interest in the show?
God no. It was a short interest anyways since Tom and B'lanna work pretty well togeather. Even if Comm/Operations lovin's are tradition. ;D (chekov/sulu ftw!)

What’s a song that reminds you of #5?
No idea. Just no fucking idea... Maby Aeroplane by Voodoo Economic. But only because that cd is sitting infront of me on my desk and it's an awsome song. xD

If you could have any of these two pairings double-date, who would it be?
That's a tie between Q/Picard and Gul Dukat (he needs no date, he's awsome enough by himself. But maby Sisko just for lulz), because anything that gets my two favourite characters in a room is awsome. Especially since Q and Dukat would snark at eachother Deliciously.

Or Q/Picard and nu!Spock/nu!Kirk, that would be helarious. I can see the sparks between Q and Kirk now! xD

Have #2 kissed yet?
No! I wish they had! D: </3

Did #4 have a happy ending? If the show hasn't ended yet, do you think a happy ending is likely?
Noooooooooooo! It was sooooo sad! And now Leon is wandering the world trying to find D. D is who knows where with his baby being taken care of by his grandfather and i havn't read the sequal (which is about Chris and mini D anyways and so isn't relelvant to the question) and i want to know what happens! They should have lived happily ever after. :  ( </3

What would make you start shipping #13?
No idea, the thought it pretty damn hot, but i havn't seen the right fic to get me in the groove yet. (so to speak)

If only one could happen, which would you prefer, #2 or #6?
2! LM/SS, because that's too fucking hot to watch. <3 Where as #6 is more about the dynamic and juxtoposition of the two.

You have the power to decide the fate of #10. What happens to them?
Die in a fire. Just... die in a fire.

Which do you dislike the most?
Ginny/Anyone. Die. In. A. Fucking. Fire. You. Cannon. Mary-Sue! D: <

Which of these ships do you love the most?
All of them ! <333

But probably Old!Spock and Nu!Kirk. It's just toooo sweet. It's going to give me caverties. <3
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My GOD there is not enough Radek/Ronon in the world!

I was just reading a fantastic fic by the lovely Orithain  & Rina called Someone To Belong To over at area52 and realised just how fucking awsome Radek is as the dominant in that relationship! I'm a huge Ronon/Radek fan and the opposit never really occured to me.

But now i'm hooked and on a quest for more!

Maby i'll write something. But then again i've still got a block on my Ronon/Rodney thingie. Ahh well.

Jason Momoa is such a beautiful man. Pitty he's married with kids, but ahh well atleast his genes will be passed on to make beautiful offspring!

Thinking of beautiful men meeting David Nykl was fantastic! (your going to be hearing about that for years to come i swear. ;D) It's just a pitty i was so damned shy talking to him. Now there's a man i want in the pants of. >: D

David when you get into your mid life crisis and start wanting to shag younger women and drive falic symbols to feel younger i'm so available!!! ;D <3 Come visit the crazy girl with the cherry ripes in Brisbane! We can have hot bunny smex for two weeks straight only surfacing for food and bathroom breaks. 8D <3

I'ma gonna try to start posting here more often, even if it's just to randomly rant about things that make no sense to people who arn't me or post fiction. : )

On the artsy side i started taking commishes for avi dolls on gaia and it's going great. Everyone i've served has become a regular! : D

I'm really freeking horney at the moment. It's times like this i wish i had a beautiful asian man, hard, naked and tied to my bed. *fans self*

Or a beautiful curvy brunette with soft breasts (real ones dammit! I hate fake boobs) and deep, dark eyes. *sigh*

I need to get layed... >__>;;
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Oh wow... And update! :O

Well i'm updating this... a year and a half after my last post... >__>;;

But yes. Things that have happened lately, i'm finished high school and now working full time. No significant other to speak of and my white goods keep dieing on me. D:

On the upside i went to GenCon yesterday and the day before and got to meet David Nykl and Paul McGillion!!!! Let me say this right now so i can get it outta my system.... OMG DAVID NYKL IS SO FUCKING HOT!


Even if he's 24 years older than me. May i be known as one of his teenage fangirls. 8D <33

Well i got two hugs and gave him a bag of cherry ripes. Which i think were appreciated as he gave me a hug and three autographs. I was soooo imbarised though and kept loitering around in the area because i was too shy to talk to him and when i did i would verry quickly run away again. My mother (who is just as much of a David Nykl fangirl as me) embarised the hell outta me. But also convinced me to actually talk to the guy. : )

GenCon was great, i spent heaps of time playing retro consol games (SuperNes & N64 FTW!) and watched the cosplay contest both Friday and Saturday. Friday's was 200% better for the record. Met super sexy slave Leia who was fucking hot and i wanted to ask out but she didn't live in Brissy. (damn) Played a bunch of magic and mets heaps of old friends.

It was great. But yeah, Mike (my local Magic organiser) and Leroy (one of the senior judges for qld) kept teasing me about David Nykl and then fact that every time it was mentioned i had a super fangirl moment. (did i mention he was really fucking hot and smart and cool and mmmm like chocolate and ginger beer. The best thing in the world?)

But yeah, i had a game of Giant Jenga with one of my friends and our final structure was 31 blocks high and came in at just under 12foot tall! : D

I won! *dances the dance of happyness*

But yeah, so i had a great time and i'm glad i'm finally actually getting off my arse and updating this thing.

I have a *cough* extreemly *cough* explicit *cough* Rodney/Ronon fanfiction i'm writing in my breaks at work which i may post eventually.

If your looking for my DBSK fandom work or HP fandom works i post them all over the place and definaly not in my main thing so if you want some plugs or me to do something new for you drop me a line. : )

Toodles, Kathleen.
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Harry Potter 5! ~ No spoilers, just character bitching! xD

Reasons to like the movie:

1. LUCIUS' BONDAGE SUIT!!eleventy1!!1!!!!one!!1!!!  <3 >: D
2. Alan Rickman had his best performance as Snape yet! I was willfully squeeing with happyness everytime he swooped in, or sneered! My face just about split i was smiling so much. My mother thought i was verry weird. xD <3
3. Fantastic battle scene.
4. AWSOME casting for Delores! She looks and dresses like the queen. xD
5. Fantastic graphics! The dementors were sweeett...
6. Lucius is THE sex. Snape gets points for this to. : D <3
7. Bella was well casted, not what i would have chosen and not how i imagined her. But good none the less.

Reasons to not like the movie:

1. Dispite what everyone else thinks i don't like the casting for Luna. She isn't outgoing enough. Far to incipid and 'nice'.
2. Lacking ability to stick to the book, though better than the last one. xD
3. Hermy is FRIKKEN ANNO!! D:

Overall it was a good movie though. Allthough events weren't nessicarily true to the book the director managed to make it mesh really well for cinima without cutting out anything really important. I wish kretcher got more of a role though... : ( Ditto to meh Luc and Severus.

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Creamy Bliss ~ A crack fic where Jae fucks a Twinky!

Title: Creamy Bliss
Word Count: 1042
Rateing: R+ (Probably pushing it i mean there isn't any real sex right... >__> <__<)
Warnings: Crackfic, sex, twinky abuse, probably the hottest description of eating a twinky you'll ever read.
Pairings: Jae!Twinky/s, others if you squint

Disclaimer: I so don't own Jaejoong, i wish i did because then i could tie him to my bed and have my wicked way with him... MOWAHAHAH, but i down so moo. I also don't own the company that makes twinkies! :O Amazing i know! I don't even know who you are because i'm Australian and we don't have twinkies here. I just remember them from my 8 months living there. 8D But yeah, i own nothing people. 'cept the ideas presented in this fic, because no matter what </a></font></b></a>kittypoker says i came up with it. xD <3

Notes: Kittypoker and i were talking on msn and i found a pic of Jae eating a twinky with lots of alcohol in the background. So we got into an idea spewing session as we do frequently and we came up with this awsome idea. Infact it was so cool i decided to write for once (This is really rare, i suck at writing and know it. xD) and we are having a write off. Seeing who can write the plot better... Well not really we both just wanted to write Jae!twinky crack. xD But yeah, this is my first post here, my first fic in the DBSK fandom and one of my first ever fics! So be nice, it's all for fun.

Crossposted at


Click to read Kittypoker's version "What Jae does Alone".

This is spewed straight from my mouth so if i've skrewed up something like grammar or spelling please say so. Now with much adue the fic!



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I bleached the tips of my hair and my bangs 2 days ago. ^__^ The tops looked awesome but my mother fucked up the top of the bangs. I was wearing a hat the entire day and made sure in the arvo to look at he price of brown and blue dye, like $20!?!?! So i decided not to buy it. xD Instead i tried some $2 green food colouring from the pantry at home(we didn't have any blue) put it in for an hour and then washed it thoroughly and it worked! I now have green, gold and brown hair! Its awesome, i feel like a less slutty jodie tho. XD I might even take  some  pics...  *hates having pictures taken*

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Loli Fucks and Gackt's Cornrows...

Ok, i don't really know how to use LJ properly yet so im not sure how to make my link shrinky... xD Oh well give me advice or click it damn you!


One of the best LJ communities ever. Seriously. *laughing her arse off* I'm not a loli, i just enjoy the fashion. Many of those posts are so memorable. If every loli and cosplayer looked through that community first, there would be a hell of alot less fuck ups.

Oh and Gackt's cornrows have been getting bad publicity lately. Let me say i love them, and i think he looks hot in leather and cornrows. Almost makes you think of his time in Malice Mizer when he would frott against any object/person/animal in range. *thinks of Illuminati live with him masterbating on the speaker* Kozi was sooo hot in that performance... :D Redemption is a kick arse song, to go with what is to be a kick arse game. *can't wait till DoC comes out in Australia* Not only is it Vincent's game, but Gackt is the big bad villian.

Everyone must get me Vincent Valentine plushies for christmas/birthday! *huggles her currently imaginary soon to be real Vinny plushy* Must have little gold squishy-scary claw, gun holsters and little squishy gun that he can carry. xD My mother still thinks im insane for luffing on Vinny at every chance... <3 <3 <3

Ok back on topic. *coughs* I like Gackt's cornrows. Full stop... exclimation mark! Sure they arn't his best hair do of all time, but they still look awsome on him. Then... Gackt would look good in a plastic bag... O___O A see through plastic bag... *drools on her shoe* .....


Oh yeah... Well bye. xD :P *cleans off drool hastily with tissue, but when it becomes saturated resorts to industrialy obsorbant towel*